Mobile Pet Care - Your Friendly Mobile Dog Washing & Grooming Service


Fully Mobile - We offer a convenient mobile service

Heated Hydrobath & Blow Dry - Our Hydrobath has heating elements in both tanks to ensure your dog has a warm bath.

Shampoo & Conditioning We offer your choice of 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner,  Specially formulated Eucalyptus Shampoo for the fluffier, whiter wash and a Medicated Shampoo for the irritated or sensitive wash.

Flea & Tick Control - We rinse your dog in Fidos Quick Kill Concentrate. Quick knockdown of fleas, ticks & lice.

Nail Trimming - We have a pet nail 'file.'  This ensures your dog is not hurt in any way.  Nail clipping can sometimes be painful for the dog if nails are clipped too short.

Nail Painting -  We have a variety of Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pens.   Specially designed for dogs. They are quick drying, non-toxic and easy to remove.

Grooming - We offer a range of different grooming options.  We discuss your options and give our recommendations to best suit your dog.

De Shedding /Stripping - We use a FURminator brush to gently brush your dogs hair.  This reduces shedding up to 90%, by reaching deep beneath your dogs coat and gently removing the undercoat and loose hair.  This is guaranteed to reduce shedding better then any brush, rake or comb.

Semi-Permanent Dying - We can make your dog stand out!  We have a range of pet colours to safely dye your dog!


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